Regional Studies

The Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS) and the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS) represent two cultural focal points of area studies at the University of Goettingen. These centres conduct cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in two critical regions of the world whose importance to transnational economic, cultural and political currents has grown exponentially in the last few decades.
CeMIS and CeMEAS are currently developing joint projects for a comparative examination of India and China, while simultaneously bringing Indian and Chinese studies in close contact with other disciplines at the University of Goettingen. Together with the Max Planck Institute for Religious and Ethnic Diversity, whose research foci are also India and China, CeMIS and CeMEAS aim to foster collaborations between disciplines and area studies in order to contribute to the production of innovative “place-based” knowledge in the social sciences and humanties.  Together, all three institutions represent vibrant centres carrying out interdisciplinary and transregional research at the Göttingen Research Campus.