Development Economics

The research focus on development economics is particularly concerned with
the analysis of poverty, inequality, and rural development in developing
countries.  A particular focus is on the measurement and determinants of
poverty and inequality, on the drivers of agricultural productivity
improvements, and rural development, and on the linkages between economic
development and the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity.

To study these phenomena, a broad range of methodologies are applied, ranging from statistical and econometric analyses, laboratory and field experiments, impact evaluations, to randomized controlled trials. The research focus also has an explicit policy dimension and includes policy advice to international organizations and institutions of development cooperation.

The research focus comprises a total of some 50 researchers in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, the Department of Economics, and the Courant Center 'Poverty, equity, and growth in developing and transition countries.'  Apart from many smaller projects and initiatives, the research focus has been part of DFG RG 754. Vulnerability to Poverty, and recently received funding for two DFG Research Training Groups (RTG1666: Global Food and RTG 1723: Globalization and Development).  It is also an important contributor to Collaborative Research Center 990: Ecological and Economic Functions of Lowland tropical rainforests.